Bawdsey Manor Wednesday

6th June 2019
We had an earlier bedtime last night so everyone is renewed and ready for a busy last full day at Bawdsey Manor.

We managed to escape the rain all day yesterday, but waking up to bright sunshine and clear blue skies today has made everyone smile!

Yesterday, we all had several attempts on the zip wire and enjoyed a fencing lesson.  Some groups abseiled, some did some orienteering and some problem solving.

In the evening, we played robot wars.  The children told jokes to earn sellotape to use to build a robot around a teammate.  The robot had to be worn by every member of the team whilst they were directed, blindfolded, around a course.  The children really enjoyed it and worked well together.

Today we are all going to build rafts, and I imagine, fall in the river.  We are currently shooting arrows, or enjoying the sunshine on the beach.

I have never taken a group away who have gone to bed so well - not a single group has needed anything beyond a goodnight and lights out.  Here's hoping they don't surprise us on the final night!