Weekly Bulletins December 2017

13th December 2017

BULLETIN: 14 Autumn17 13th December 2017

This week we also be sending

  • Don't forget the FPSA Christmas Disco on Monday 18th December 5.30pm - 7.00pm. Ticket information attached. 
  • Flyer for after school French Club – Years 1-6
  • Flyer for after school Spanish Club – Years R-6
  • Swimming letter – Year 3 – Please make payment and give permission by Wednesday 3rd January.

Minor amendments to menu for January

Week 3 Tuesday – Green option will be Quorn Hot Dog instead of Vegetable cobbler

Week 3 Thursday- Green option will be Vegetable cobbler instead of Quorn Hot Dog

A reminder that it is Christmas Dinner on Friday 15th December

A reminder that we would like to borrow DVDs for after Christmas Dinner.  The films do not need to be Christmas themed, but a wintery theme would be good!  They do need to be a U, however.  Please name the DVDs so I can return them after we have watched the chosen ones on Friday afternoon.

Thank you! Mrs Foley

A reminder that our carol service takes place in the church at 11.00am on Tuesday 19th December

A reminder that term finishes at 2.00pm on Tuesday 19th December and starts again on Wednesday 3rd January


Whilst you are busy shopping for Christmas online, please remember that any transactions made through the Easyfundraising page will ensure a % of your sale goes to the school! It really is very simple to set up and use. This week and until 17th December some retailers are offering DOUBLE DONATIONS!!  Please don't miss this opportunity to raise additional funds for the school. Thank you.



BULLETIN: 13 Autumn17 6th December 2017

This week we also be sending

  •          Christingle envelope – Please see reminder below
  •          Flyer – Are you considering a career in teaching?
  •          Flyers to sign up to Bedazzle (YrR-6) on a Tuesday and Magical Maths (Yr1-6) now on a Friday.  Please sign up to these after school clubs directly with the providers.

Christingle reminder

Christingle Service will be held on Monday 11th December at 2.15pm.  On this day every child in the school will be making a Christingle to take to the church service.  Please send your child into school with an orange on Monday.  The orange should have a small hole in the top.  You are welcome to send some sweets into school for your child to attach to their Christingle, if you would like to.  We will be providing raisins for the children who do not bring their own sweets.  If you would like to make a donation, please place it in the envelope and send it into school on the same day as the service.  There will be an opportunity for your child to make their donation during the service.

Reminder from FPSA - Nativity DVD orders need to be in by Friday 8th December.

Nativity Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th December.

The nativity performances for Key stage 1 children will take place at 2.00pm. Please do not bring younger siblings to the performances as this can be disruptive for the children performing.   The doors which open directly into the hall will open at 1.55pm ready for you to take your seat. Seats will be reserved at the front for parents of year 2 children.  Please remember to bring your tickets.  Any donations will be collected after the performances and are gratefully received.

The FPSA will be serving mince pies, tea and coffee after the performances.

Crèche for Nativity on Wednesday 13th December.

Those who have given their children’s names to the school office have a place in the crèche.  Please come to reception at 1.45pm to drop your child off with Mrs Hagger for the crèche before the performance starts at 2.00pm.  Then go to the doors directly into the hall to come into the Nativity.

Request for DVDs from Mrs Foley.

After our Christmas lunch on Friday 15th December, the children will be able to choose one of five films to watch during the afternoon.  If you have any U-rated Christmas or winter themed films please send them into school by Wednesday 13th December.  Please clearly name the DVDs so we can ensure they are returned to their owner.

Found on the playground.

A key and set of cufflinks in a small black pouch has been found on the playground.  Please contact the school office if they are yours.

Mountaineering equipment request from Chopin Class.

As preparation for exploring our topic next year (Investigating Mountains) we would like to set up a Mountainscape in our Role Play Area.  Does anyone have any redundant or spare Mountaineering Kit we could borrow for the Spring Term?  Items such as Climbing Ropes, Crampons, Climbing Boots, Clothing, Rucsacs, Camping Stoves(without fuel), or climbing harnesses would all be great.   Mrs Foley has booked us in for a Mountaineering Session in school, so the equipment would be very interesting for the children to experience in class beforehand.  Items that are slightly risky would be on display only and not for the children to handle unsupervised.

Many thanks Mr Scarisbrick


New posters displayed in the window.

  •          East Herts Youth Orchestra at Furneux Pelham church on Friday 8th December at 7.30pm
  •          Are you considering a career in teaching?
  •          Keeping Children Safe Online in 21st Century.  When you think about ‘Stranger Danger’ do you think about the white van outside a school or a man with a dog that has just had puppies? This event will turn that message on its head!  Event details and times displayed.
  •          How to be Confident Saying No!  Workshop at Hillmead Primary School on Wednesday 31st Jan at 9.30am.
  •          The Secrets to a Better Behaved Child.  Workshop at The Emmaus Centre, Thorley Thursday 18th January 2018 at 9.30am.
  •          School admissions consultation 2019/2020.  Proposed changes to school admission arrangements, open until 5th January 2018.