Early Birds Childcare

Our Furneux Early Birds Club was set up in 1994 by one of the school Mums to provide convenient child care facilities for working parents with children at the school. It began with a handful of children and has grown to a membership of over 50 and is now run by the school.

All children must be registered for the club and some children attend sessions daily but many others attend on an adhoc basis. We keep arrangements as flexible as possible so that parents find the service easy to use. The sessions run from 7.45am until school time and are held in the school hall or outside in the good weather.

When children arrive at the club they are offered the opportunity to have breakfast (cereal or toast etc) and a drink. Breakfast is served until 8.25am.

The Club has it's own collection of toys, games and equipment that is updated regularly. The art table is always popular with drawing, cutting and sticking etc. We have a wide range of boxed games to provide plenty of variety, plus large collections of Lego, Knex and Playmobil. When the good weather allows we play outside using the bats, balls, skipping ropes, footballs, hoops, hockey sticks and outdoor games that we have.

The Furneux Pelham Early Birds Club is charged at £3.75 per session for the first child and £3.50 per session for any additional children. Parents are invoiced at the end of each half term.

To read our terms and conditions and register your child for the club please return the following registration form to the school office: