Final update

25th May 2018
I think yesterday was our best day yet.  The sun shone all day long and we had a wonderfully relaxing cruise along the river on a boat in the morning.

We had lunch in the ruins of an abbey before going to Chocolate Story to learn all about chocolate and its origins.  After tasting lots of delicious treats we made our way back to the youth hostel to cook honey and jam bread, but not before dancing along to some fantastic street performers.

We spent the evening watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and then enjoyed having a good look through our souvenir bags.

Today has brought rain, unfortunately, but we're packed up and ready to head back once we've finished our workshop at the Railway Museum.

The children's behaviour has been excellent and lots of members of the public have stopped to comment upon their good behaviour and manners.  They've been great company and have made us all very proud.