Remote Learning

The start of the new term, Autumn 2021, marks a change to the way in which we handle cases of Covid 19 in school settings.  There is no longer a requirement for children under the age of eighteen to self-isolate when in close contact with a case of Covid 19.  This means that there will be less disruption to learning.  There will be occasions when chlidren will need to self-isolate: whilst waiting for a test result or receipt of a positive test result.  Our plans for remote learning remain in place because of this.
The remote learning provision we have put in place will vary dependent on the reason your child is not in school. If they are individually self isolating the class teacher will still be in school delivering the curriculum to the rest of your child's class. However, in the event of the whole class being asked to stay at home the class teacher will be able to deliver remote learning to all children.
The letters and document linked to below will give you more details of what remote learning to expect if your child is unable to be in school.