Furneux Pelham School

At Furneux Pelham C of E School our aim is to encourage all children to reach the highest standard possible in all that they do by providing them with the necessary skills and attitudes that will enable them to continue their education with high self-esteem and personal confidence.

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Public Sector Equalities Duty


Public Sector Equalities Duty

Statement of how we are meeting the aims of the Public Sector Equalities Duty

November 2020 [Due to Covid 19 restrictions some of our community events have had to be suspended for the moment. Others may take place online.]

Eliminating Discrimination

  • Visits to places of worship of other faiths [in 2020-21 the children in Yrs 4, 5 and 6 will visit a Buddhist Centre and a Hindu Mandir].
  • Raise awareness of cultural events from other faiths through displays, assemblies and topic work.
  • All new parents are asked to complete a questionnaire highlighting any issues, views or circumstances in respect of the nine protected characteristics
    Anti-bullying [October 2018] and Behaviour policies[September 2020] are both reviewed regularly. [Both reflect the principles in Preventing and Tackling Bullying DfE 7/17]
  • Whole school involvement in Anti Bullying week
  • Annual SEND report to governors
  • SEND policy and practice ensure parents are fully involved in agreed actions to support their child.

Advancing Equality of Opportunity

  • Our school building is accessible to all [eg. main door release changed to allow wheelchair users to exit].
  • Analysis of achievement data has not raised any issues for individual groups.

Fostering Good Relations

  • Parent forums give all members of our parent body opportunities to raise and discuss issues of concern.
  • Annual parent survey which feeds into parent forums and policy reviews.
  • Come and Share afternoons for early years parents and carers.
  • Church services and weekly school assemblies to which the whole community are welcomed.
  • A communications system in place [ie Weekly bulletin, annual dates given at start of academic year].
  • Representatives from across our community are invited to the Annual School Development Evening.

Equality Considerations in Decision Making

  • Risk assessments show where actions are taken to ensure activity is equally accessible to all