Welcome to Chopin class.  

September 2019 - July 2020
During the Covid19 pandemic, our children have been working hard at school and at home.  Photos of the whole schools' efforts are displayed in the Gallery tab.
Some of our previous learning

News from Chopin Class Spring 2


Firstly this term we want to welcome Mrs Zigic and say how pleased we are to have her working with us on Thursdays and Fridays.  It has been a busy half-term and has flown by, now we really feel that Spring is here! 

With this in mind we are really looking forward to our trip to Wicken Fen.  Our preparations have included planning and preparing a healthy wrap which could form part of our packed lunch.  We all enjoyed grating, chopping, spreading and wrapping our snacks.  The feedback and evaluations from the wraps was overwhelmingly delicious!

We were lucky to take part in a workshop to finish off our work on Michael Morpurgo’s excellent story, Kensuke’s Kingdom, as part of our World Book Day celebrations.  We also painted, wrote and composed haiku poems as part of this topic. 

We particularly liked Anakin’s about Michael being stung by jellyfish:

Tentacles grab me

Pull me down into the sea

Saved by Kensuke

News from Chopin Class [Spring 1]



On the 28th of January 2019 Chopin class went into the playground to go birdwatching as part of the RSPB Big Birdwatch 2019.


We had a sheet of different types of birds to look at, we saw Carrion Crows, House Sparrows, Magpies, Chaffinches, Jackdaws, Woodpigeons, Robins, Wrens, Starlings and Blue Tits. Chopin class started to quietly look around for birds. The first bird we saw was a carrion crow on top of the house opposite the school, then we saw two then suddenly a whole flock of carrion crows came out of a tree.


Then we walked further down the track then somebody spotted a red kite and it started circling. Then another person saw a wren. Then our group saw two bird nests one in the bush next to our classroom and the other one up high in a thin tree. Next somebody found a wren in a tree. Then another Red kite came from over the school. After the Red kite went away Chopin class went inside and we went onto the RSPB school birdwatch website and we charted all the birds we saw.


Our most popular bird was carrion crows and our least popular was a robin and a wren.

This report was by Lily C and Lilly W.


Latest news from Chopin Class [Autumn 2]

Chopin class have been busy this half term continuing our topic about The Shang Dynasty and Ancient China.  The Talk Talks have been brilliant with so many different topics ranging from Chinese fashion through the ages, A day in Chinatown and The Shaolin Monastery and martial arts.  We have all learnt so much from these well researched and wonderfully presented talks. 


The class enjoyed a workshop which saw them learning about Chinese ribbon dances which was great fun.

Our Science topic of Materials and their properties has had us dissolving and mixing materials to make solutions or suspensions. The next lesson involved separating those materials again and everyone was very impressed at getting the salt back from the salt water through evaporation! Removing paperclips from rice with magnets and filtering sand and water also proved popular.

We also wrote play-scripts based on a silent movie called ‘Soar’.  Of course, once the play-script was written with added dialogue, correct punctuation and layout then the only thing left to do was perform the play!

Unsurprisingly, Chopin class threw themselves into this with great enthusiasm.


Autumn 1

Chopin class have had a great half term getting stuck into all things Chinese!  Our topic of the Shang Dynasty has seen the children looking at artefacts from ancient China and using these to discover more about what life was like during that period.


Our guided reading role play area has been very popular as groups spend time each week in the tea-house, practising with chopsticks and admiring various pieces of home learning which are  displayed.  Our Talk Talk sessions have been on a wide range of topics including The Terracotta Warriors, Fortune Cookies, Religion and Spirituality in China and Chinese inventions and their impact on us today.  We are looking forward to hearing more and they are all so well researched and presented.


We have also looked at the story of The Willow Pattern Plate.  You may be familiar with this  supposed ‘Chinese’ artefact.  The plates were actually an English design, first made by Spode, but the legend of the lovers, thwarted in love who turned into doves is an example of an oral storytelling tradition.  We are in the process of making our own versions of the plates and will be recording our versions of our stories after half term.


We were very happy to go on a ‘Faith Tour’ just before half-term.  We visited a Synagogue in Harlow, St Joseph and the English Martyrs’ Catholic church in Bishop’s Stortford and the Quaker Meeting House in Stansted.  We were welcomed so warmly and the children had loads of interesting and intelligent questions.




Welcome back Chopin, we hope you had a happy summer holiday.


We are looking forward to sharing the responsibility for Chopin class this year. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Mrs Kennard will be in class with Matt Olgivie teaching PE in the afternoon.  On Thursdays and Fridays Miss Tydeman will teach Chopin class.  Mrs Mihajlovic will also be taking the class for sessions of RE, PSHE and French.



This term the topic will be 'China and The Shang Dynasty'
We will be looking at how the 500 years of the Shang Dynasty is of great significance in a number of ways.   We will explore objects and inscriptions that the Shang left behind and look at how these provide an insight into the ways of life. 
The children will also be looking at the ways in which two Shang kings actually went about governing their empire.  We will be linking the other curriculum subjects through the topic, including a ‘Taste of China’ in Food Technology.


The Mysterious Maya is Chopin’s topic for the Spring term and we have kick started it with a wonderful workshop called Mayan Mayhem. This was a drama workshop which enabled us to discover lots about the Maya civilisation in an active way. We all surprised ourselves at how much we improved our acting skills, use of voice and expression as well as learning lines in order to put on a performance at the end of the day.

Our audience seemed to enjoy it and we know we will remember an awful lot about this mysterious civilisation and can’t wait to discover more this term.


This term we’re focusing on the Romans and the huge impact they had on our country via our new topic ‘As the Crow Flies!’ The children have found it fascinating to discover how many changes the Romans brought with them. We thoroughly enjoyed the story of Boudicca and her rebellion and had fun role playing the entire story. This week we’re off to the Verulamium in St Albans to help us with our learning.


To kick start a new academic year we embarked on an exciting topic called ‘What a Catastrophe!’ We had lots of fun making large volcanoes to use in our science work on gases, liquids and solids when we had the opportunity to erupt them out in the playground! Whilst finding out about the formation of volcanoes we also investigated catastrophes that affected our local area including the Great Storm of 1738 and the Killer Cloud of 1783 – learning how to be history detectives interpreting and gathering information.

We also learned about a local family and their involvement in WW1.

Later on in the term we learned about our teeth and the importance of caring for them to prevent a catastrophe from happening!

We have started with a journey into the African Savanna where we have been learning to tell and write African style folk tales using animals as characters. Next we will visit the hot, dry deserts of North America, followed by a damp trek into the rainforest, moving on to the rather chilly destination of the Arctic tundra!

We have our very own weather map and a special story telling corner in our classroom where we can practice our speaking and listening skills as well as reading and researching. We are also planning to design and build our own rain gauges so that we can monitor the weather at home.