Curriculum Intent

At Furneux Pelham School we foster enquiring minds and a natural curiosity of the world.  Our school and its curriculum are underpinned by a strong set of values that reflect its status as a church school.

From the very beginning our curriculum gives pupils a deep understanding of the natural world and the history of their immediate surroundings. Building from this they will deepen their understanding of the wider world and its own rich variety.   Metaphorically and literally, we aim for our pupils to ‘start small and leave big’. 

Our school, this village and the surrounding area are predominantly monocultural so at Furneux Pelham we enrich our children’s understanding and appreciation of variety and variation in our world by learning about it in our curriculum.  Our curriculum broadens horizons and widens our pupils’ experience of the whole world; it inspires children to appreciate diversity and fosters a respect for others. We give our pupils an awareness and understanding of the world as a technological world that is constantly evolving alongside the tools they need to be responsible citizens of the future.

Equipping pupils through knowledge and awareness ensures that they leave our school with both an inner security and a confidence alongside enough knowledge about the wider world for them to live safely and securely and to flourish within it.