Kingfisher Class

Welcome to Kingfisher class  
Lots of Kingfisher Class are in the Garden Gang!  We have been helping Mrs. Wakefield to look after the school site by weeding and cutting back the plants.
We have particularly enjoyed discovering wildlife - we found a walk of snails in this bed!
We have been investigating floating and sinking in Science.
Kingfisher Class have been having a wonderful time in The Burrow, during Forest School Sessions.  Amongst other things, we have been climbing trees, roasting marshmallows on the fire and even making our own swings! 
Some of our previous learning


This term, we are enjoying finding out about India.  We had a wonderful time with Indri from Hinduism Education Services learning about some Hindu and Indian cultures and traditions.  We particularly enjoyed dressing up. 

We have found out more about the geography of where our village is in the world, we have packed our bags and we are set to take a flight to India to discover what life is like in a small village like ours but in Southern India.

This is what we think we will find...





We have helped Bob the cleaner of the moon to manage the pesky aliens who are causing him trouble.  He wrote to us asking for help.  We have designed, made and evaluated vehicles to move Bob around the moon and to stop the aliens eating his sweets and making a mess!


We are very pleased with them!






We have had a wonderful time learning about adventures in space.  We have imagined what space travel would be like by creating images of the solar system and the surface of the moon.

We have also found out about real and fictional characters who have travelled to the moon.

We wrote diaries imagining what it may have felt to be Neil Armstrong making the first moon landing in 1969.

We are also helping the cleaner of the moon Bob to manage the pesky aliens who are causing him trouble.  He wrote to us asking for help.  We are designing, making and evaluating vehicles to move Bob around the moon and to stop the aliens eating his sweets and making a mess!



We have been enjoying finding out about space.  We have used images of the moon and the universe to inspire some art work. 

We have used glass paint to recreate star constellations and the explosions of colour they make.

Our moon inspired work shows use of tone and texture.  We tried to show the surface of the moon.  For a challenge some of us have only used one pencil to make all of the marks. 



This term we were very excited to come back to school to find a space station in our classroom!  We have enjoyed exploring moon dust and finding out about space travel inside it.  We have begun to imagine what it may be like to travel to space.  We are finding out about experiences of Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake through our topic 'One Small Step'.

We can't wait to travel to space when we are visited by a planetarium.  We will let you know what we see!

Our topic at the moment is called Heroes don’t always wear capes.

We have thought about what a hero is and most of us thought straight away of super heroes like Spiderman or the Hulk.

We read the story of The Little Hen and the Great War. 

We decided that Arthur and Bertha and the other soldiers were heroes in this story.  We now know that heroes don’t always wear capes.  They do need to be brave and think of others though.

We have discovered that our shared story was set in World War I.  Arthur travelled all the way from Australia to fight against the Central Powers.  We were surprised how far he came.  He must have been homesick.  We have written letters home to Arthur’s family being careful not to worry them.

There is a special place in our village that we have begun to investigate.  We think there might be some clues about who went to fight in World War I who lived closer to home.  What do you think we will discover?  We will let you know soon.


This term, we have been developing our outdoor area.  To do this we have learnt how plants grow well.


This term, we have travelled back in time to Prehistoric Britain.  We visited Celtic Harmony to experience the Iron Age.

This term we asked ‘How does your garden grow?’ The children have all enjoyed playing in the garden centre, making flowers, buying and selling goods and sorting seeds. A particular highlight of our term were our visits to Mrs Bayes’ beautiful garden and trip to the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge.


This summer we will be going ‘Up, Up and Away’ as we learn all about things that fly!

Our role play area has become an international airport where we can check in for our flights and take our bags through security, learning all about signs and labels as we go.

In History we will be finding out all about the Wright Brothers and the very first aeroplane.

Later on in the term we have planned a visit to the Raptor Foundation to see Birds of Prey in action and we hope to have some great photos to share.