Louise Foley

Louise Foley – Staff Governor

Louise has been Deputy Headteacher at Furneux Pelham School since 2005 and is now a Co Headteacher at Furneux Pelham School.  She has represented the staff of the school as a member of the Governing Body for the majority of the last fourteen years. 

Louise has a son, who is in Year 6 at the school.  Despite living outside of the area, she and her husband chose to send their son to the school as they value the school and its community so highly.


Having trained to be a teacher at Homerton College, in 1999, Louise taught at St. Andrew’s School in Much Hadham, before moving to teach in a large Catholic School in Surrey for a few years.  She returned to the area where she grew up to take up the role of Deputy Headteacher at Furneux Pelham School.