Rev Julie Gawthrope

Rev Julie Gawtrope – Foundation Governor

Julie is Rector of St Mary’s Church, Furneux Pelham (situated opposite the school) and ex officio member of the Governors, having arrived in the Parish in July 2015.  She is married with two grown-up children and two grandchildren. 


St Mary’s Church, Furneux Pelham, is part of a wider Benefice of churches for which she is responsible (as well as St Mary’s Church, Braughing, and St Mary’s Church, Stocking Pelham).  With three churches to look after, she has to divide her time between three different communities. 


Being part of the Governing body is important to Julie; she believes church schools offer unique advantages to that of non-church schools.  From her Christian perspective, she believes offering a Christian ethos and opportunities for greater understanding of the Christian faith can help a child’s sense of spirituality and develop the spiritual dimension of their lives, which is extremely important. 


Julie serves on the Curriculum and Pupil Welfare Committee, which makes sense considering she taught in a primary school for 11 years prior to her ordination in 2010.  This teaching experience has given her an understanding of the curriculum, teaching and learning, and classroom dynamics.  As Rector, she currently comes into school fortnightly to lead Collective Worship and she occasionally help with other faith-based school activities.  She also leads the school’s services held at major festival times in St Mary’s Church.