We have a uniform at Furneux Pelham School and ask that parents support the uniform policy to maintain the high standards of dress that we have in school.  You can order embroidered items of school uniform from:


The whole range of embroidered uniform will then become available for you to choose from.  

The tie and sun hat are not available online but are kept in stock and you can buy them from the school office by completing an order form and either emailing it in or bringing to the school office.  

Alternatively you can pay for school held items using your School Gateway Account.  Please let us know, and we will prepare your items for collection.

All items of uniform must be named as returning lost property is very difficult without this information.  Name labels can be purchased through 'Stikins' and the link is here:

Stikins name labels

Please enter code 7676 when you make a purchase as this generates commission for the school.  



  • Grey skirt, grey tailored trousers or pinafore 
  • White shirt and navy tie, or white revere blouse 
  • Jumper or cardigan with school badge 
  • A blue and white check dress if preferred in warmer weather 
  • Grey tights or white/grey socks and black/navy school shoes (black/navy or white flat sandals may be worn in warmer weather)


  • Grey trousers/shorts
  • White shirt and navy tie (if preferred a short sleeved shirt may be worn) 
  • Jumper with school badge 
  • Grey socks and black or navy school shoes (dark flat sandals may be worn in Warmer weather)


  • Pale blue polo shirt with school badge
  • Navy shorts
  • Plimsolls or trainers 
  • Dark blue tracksuit or sweatshirt and joggers 
  • A Furneux Pelham reversible fleece is also available (optional)

The children will also need:

  • A Furneux Pelham bag for books and letters
  • A Furneux Pelham drawstring PE bag 
  • A sun hat
For health and safety reasons no jewellery is permitted in school, except for small stud earrings.  Boys and girls will be asked to remove stud earrings for physical education and swimming.  Long hair must be tied back.  In order to avoid competitiveness we ask that fashion accessories such as nail varnish, hair gel and highly decorative hair slides/ties are not worn in school.  We also ask that hair is not cut into an 'extreme' style, such as shaved lines or hair dye.