Welcome to Vivaldi class.  

 Thank you card from Mrs Morgan
September 2019- July 2020
During the Covid19 pandemic, our children have been working hard at school and at home.  Photos of the whole schools' efforts are displayed in the Gallery tab.
Some of our previous learning

We’ve been looking at forces in PE and how we move.  Then we thought about which movements are pushes, pulls or a twists.

We made kites and helicopters to explore further. 

In geography the  children have been looking at our local area and in particular identifying human and physical.


As part of book week we have written our own versions of ‘How to catch a star’ by Oliver Jeffers.

We then used Van Gogh’s Starry Night, along with the story ‘Katie and the Starry Night’ as a  stimulus for our art work. We were very proud of our paintings and when we showed them in assembly everyone really liked them!


We also painted stones linked to the story of David and Goliath thinking about when we were brave!


The children in Vivaldi class have been on a welly walk and had great fun exploring the icy puddles. 

Year 1 made a map of how we got to the woods!

Everyone made a map of the school grounds.   


We have been learning about the seasons and weather. We made a class bar chart of whose birthday was in which month and season.   


We've also been cooking. I hope everyone at home enjoyed eating the buns we made!


News from Vivaldi Class

In Design and Technology Vivaldi class have been thinking about wheels and axles to make moon buggies.


We went for a welly walk to Merlin’s wood with our buddies in Gershwin class to think about human and  physical geography and the changing seasons.

We definitely needed our wellies with all the mud and we were pleased that we had a big person’s hand to hold on to!!!


The children have been making space helmets out of papier-mâché and created their own space rocket out of boxes and fabric. They had great fun crawling into the dark space and   using torches to investigate shadows [before the whole thing   collapsed from so much use!] 


As part of our learning in RE we had a visitor to share with us some of Jewish celebrations.  We were very lucky and found that lots of celebrations involve food!  We tried brioche, crackers, apples with honey and tried on some of the clothes that are worn.  



The new children in Vivaldi class have been settling in well.  The reception children have been showing us how good at sharing they are and their great climbing skills.  They have been playing and making up stories too.  

Our topic is One Step Beyond! We are looking forward to discovering lots of new and exciting places. Our first steps have taken us into space.

We enjoyed the visit from the planetarium.

 This term we have been growing beans.


Photosynthesis is how plants make their food and chlorophyll is little bits in the plant. They are green. Photosynthesis is starting and the bean is starting to grow.  Then the petals start to grow.

 Emily C


We really enjoyed our trip to Wandlebury where we continued our science learning.

History workshop

We enjoyed our Florence Nightingale Workshop, where we acted out the story of Florence Nightingale’s life. We learnt about her childhood, how she held onto her dream of being a nurse.


We learnt about her journey to Scutari in Turkey and how she improved conditions in the hospital for the soldiers.


Florence Nightingale was awarded the Royal Red cross by Queen Victoria. She died when she was 90 years old.



We really enjoyed the snow days and learning about winter and how to stay safe.

We have been learning about space.  We have learnt about the different planets, stars and what it would be like living on the International Space Station.  We had a visit from the Astronomy Roadshow.

Internet safety day

We read the story of Penguinpig.

This highlighted to us that not everything on the internet is true and we need to tell our grown up if we are worried.  We drew our own made up creature.

We have been learning how to work together as a team and look after our classroom.

Outdoor Sculptures

We have been looking at the work of British artist Andy Goldsworthy. We made our own sculptures using objects from nature in our garden. 


During the second half of Autumn term our topic was Festivals. Bonfire night inspired us to create different artwork. We studied some paintings by Jackson Pollock and Wassily Kandinski. Then we created firework pictures using their style of painting.


During maths we have been learning about repeating patterns and symmetrical patterns. We painted symmetrical bugs and created symmetrical patterns using the computer. We used sponges to print repeating patterns and decorated cupcakes in a repeating pattern. This was our favourite activity!

Stomp in the Swamp

This term our topic is called ‘Stomp in the Swamp’. We will be learning all about dinosaurs. We have created an explorers tent in a dinosaur jungle in our role play area. We are hunting for dinosaurs in our role play are and are recording notes on the things we find in the jungle.
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