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At Furneux Pelham C of E School our aim is to encourage all children to reach the highest standard possible in all that they do by providing them with the necessary skills and attitudes that will enable them to continue their education with high self-esteem and personal confidence.

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Being a Church School

Church School

Being a Church School

Roots to grow, Wings to soar

We view our school as the rich soil in which strong roots are formed so that all of our children can flourish.

“Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches.”  Matthew 13: 31-32

The parable of the mustard seed is a key passage that reflects so much of our school vision: ‘Roots to grow, Wings to soar’.

‘Roots to grow, Wings to soar’ is a metaphor for our children, who blossom during their time at Furneux Pelham School and are ready for the next stage of their journey. Each child is nurtured here and enabled to flourish through our teaching and care.  We treat every child with the dignity and respect they deserve as children of God.

Each child is like a mustard seed, and each child grows in our school community and is supported by that same school community.  We share God’s love through the way we conduct ourselves, learning from Jesus’ teachings and taking inspiration from our rich world.

We aim to give our pupils the best start, preparing them for their secondary education and their role in modern British society.

There’s something special about Christian schools that make them popular with pupils, parents and staff. It can be hard to put your finger on just what it is that makes the difference.

Dr Rowan Williams, when he was Archbishop of Canterbury, explained that the ethos of church schools runs deep: “A Christian school is one in which the atmosphere has that kind of openness about it, that sense that people are worth spending time with, that people need time to grow, need loving attention. The Christian Gospel says that every person has a unique task to do, with God, and for God, whether they know it or not.”

“It doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone involved has to share the same theology or philosophy. It doesn’t mean that everyone knows that they have this relationship with God, and is consciously working at it. But a Christian school is one in which the entire atmosphere is pervaded by the conviction that there is something mysterious, and potentially wonderful, in everybody.”

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