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At Furneux Pelham C of E School our aim is to encourage all children to reach the highest standard possible in all that they do by providing them with the necessary skills and attitudes that will enable them to continue their education with high self-esteem and personal confidence.

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Skylark Class


Skylark Class

Skylark ClassThis half term has been busy already with lots of additional activities.

Cambridge Trip On 5th October we visited the Museum of Zoology to support our work on Charles Darwin.  We looked at skulls, skeletons, preserved animals and we got to look more in depth at some of Darwin’s discoveries such as the Galapagos finches and his collection of finches from Cambridge.  We split up into two groups and observed skulls of different animals.  We also looked at their teeth and the way they had adapted to eat the food they did.  It was an amazing day out and we learned so much.

National Grid On 19th October we had an interesting visit from National Grid.  We did Now Press Play about reducing our carbon footprint.  We discovered they use drones to check solar panels and robots to repair wind turbines.  We learned a lot about being engineers.

Year 5 Bikeability We learned the ABCD of bike safety.  A means tires as hard as an apple, B for brakes, C for seats and D for direction.  You need to check the ABCD before you take your bikes out!

Once we were safe we put on our high vis vests and went out on the road to practise turning, U-turns, T-junctions and make sure we looked six times before we go.  Although we had to cycle in the rain we had so much fun and will never forget it.

World Canoe Championships  We took a trip to watch the men’s kayaking heats at the Lee Valley Canoe Centre and it was thrilling.  They twisted and turned in the water and we waved our flags and met different mascots.  We also saw a water safety demonstration by the police and avoided a heavy rainstorm by seconds!  Luckily we just made it back on to the coach.

Curriculum Focus – Shackleton’s Journey  In English we have learned all about Ernest Shackleton and each of us have been one of the members of the crew and written a log book as that person.  We made keepsakes to take on the journey and wrote a motivational speech to cheer people up in the tough times.  It has been a great journey!


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