If you have a safeguarding concern about any child and are unable to follow normal procedures you should contact Children's Services on 0300 123 4043.


Safeguarding is the most important aspect of school life. It sits behind and runs through everything     that we do. Safeguarding is a standing agenda item in our staff meetings and full governing body   meetings because we know that constant vigilance and re-visiting of key systems as well as regular   opportunities to raise concerns are key to children being safe at school.


Safeguarding is an umbrella term which covers all the different ways we keep the children at our   school emotionally and physically safe. It includes things like risk assessing our trips, doing fire drills,   keeping our entrances and boundaries secure, training first aiders, talking to children about how to   keep themselves safe online, about what to do if they feel someone is being unkind or is bullying them   or someone else. It also includes the processes we use when recruiting staff and the subsequent   safeguarding training they receive.


It also means that we have a legal duty regarding child protection to seek advice or report any   concerns we have over children being neglected or hurt. This sometimes means talking to other   agencies. When we do this our intention is always to protect your child. The advice we get is to ‘think   the unthinkable’ and that it is better to be safe than sorry. Usually we will bring concerns to you   directly but there are times when we can’t do that and that can sometimes lead to families feeling   upset. This is understandable but I hope parents will understand that we are always doing what we   think is best for the child.


Our current child protection policy is here:


We also do work in PSHE lessons and during Anti-Bullying week to give children the skills they need to help prevent bullying.

Our current anti-bullying policy is here:

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